Sunday, September 21, 2014

QUEEN MARY 2, October 2014

Thank you for your interest in “Paint Like Crazy Watercolor”.

Thank you for spreading the word. And especially, thank you to those of you who gently nudged me to have a couple of September classes in Sarasota before I sail away again on September 27, 2014. Wonderful and energizing.

Yes, I’ll be teaching aboard THE QUEEN MARY 2 on the voyage identified on the Cunard website as M421A; 19 nights: NYC to Southampton to Zeebruge to Cherbourg to Southampton to NYC. We leave NYC September 27, 2014 and return on October 16, 2014. Will you join me?



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  1. It was such a pleasure to take Maggie's class on the QM2! Having never painted...nor believing I could, how fun it was to pick up that brush and "paint like crazy"! Join a won't be sorry!